The Akabane Clan (赤羽一門, あかばねいちもん Akabane ichimon) is a family clan of puppeteers.[1]


The ancient origin of the clan is said to be the Ommyo-ji, a group of diviners or sorcerers. According to Raishin, it seems that their occupations were warmongers, and took part in mercenary jobs.

The Akabane Clan has a unique genetical attribute, that being the "Blood of the Scarlet Wing" (紅翼の血 Kuretsuba no chi), and has been passed down through the generations. The Clan has also produced many successful puppeteers, and was once regarded as a honorable family. However, their present social position is low because of their warmongering past. As a result, the Clan has often been looked down on with disdain. A further testament to their abilities; according to Irori, that they were once able to command spiritual powers and familiars at will.[2]

Two years ago, a fire killed everyone, except Raishin and his brother who was missing at the time, thus effectively wiping out the Clan.[1]

Known MembersEdit

  • Raishin Akabane: Main protagonist of the series who currently aims to be the Wiseman and defeat Magnus. He is Yaya's master and is working for the Japanese army as a spy.
  • Nadeshiko: Raishin's younger sister. According to Raishin, Magnus killed her.[3]
  • Magnus: Speculated to be Raishin's missing brother, Tenzen. Raishin believes that Magnus caused the deaths of his family members, and he has confronted him with a bottle of ash, signifying his want for vengeance.[4][5] Moreover, he remembers on the day of the fire, he saw him standing beside Nadeshiko's body.[6] Because of Magnus, Raishin admits that since the day of the fire, he has been training hard and entered the Academy to kill him.[7]


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