A Sad Dragon
Chapter 31 cover
Kanji 悲しき魔竜
(カナシキ マリュウ)
Rōmaji Kanashiki maryū
Chinese Name 悲傷的魔龍
Chapter 31
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A Sad Dragon is the 31st chapter of Reiji Kaitō's Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai.

While at the open roof of the hospital, Raishin Akabane saves a mysterious girl, who looks similar to Charlotte Belew, from committing suicide. He and Yaya are shocked to find out her identity from Frey. Suddenly, the school's clock tower explodes, and the possible suspects are unexpected.


As the clock tower strikes eleven, a female student with long light-brown hair stands at the open roof of the hospital, longing for her sister. In the hospital ward, Yaya, dressed as a nurse, cheekily tries to shower Raishin Akabane. However he is nowhere to be seen. Reading a book, Loki informs her that Raishin left, much to Yaya's panicking, in turn annoying Loki again. Meanwhile, sitting at the open roof, Raishin is pondering how to handle Yaya's jealousy, since Frey has been making meals for him, perhaps due to feeling obligated. As he notices a pigeon flying above him, he realizes it has been a while since he saw Charlotte Belew, recalling how he made her angry. As he looks ahead, the student with long hair catches his attention, causing him to mistake her as Charlotte, but gradually observes some physical differences in appearance.

Suddenly, the student jumps off the ledge of the roof. Quickly running after her, Raishin jumps off the roof to catch her, before screaming for Yaya, who crashes out of a window to catch them both. They land safely in time. Just as Yaya scolds Raishin for being stupid, he points out the frightened student in his arms as his reason, but the girl unexpectedly panics and screams about being touched by a man. Running to a bush for cover, she apologizes to Raishin for her flustered and weird behaviour, and urges Raishin to kill her or mess up her life. While Yaya hopes that they can mess up her life, the girl runs away abruptly. The two of them are shocked, but are interrupted when Frey appears with sandwiches for Raishin to eat.

Looking at the shattered window, Frey asks Raishin what happened, to which he relates the earlier incident. As he describes the appearance of the girl, Frey comments she is Henriette Belew, Charlotte's younger sister. Frey explains that the girl was recently transferred to Walpurgis Academy a week ago, and has attempted to commit suicide six times, but was always saved in the nick of time. While Raishin reflects the possibility that Henriette has been sponsored in her studies, like Charlotte, Frey alerts them that Charlotte has not returned to the Gryphon Female Dormitory last night, and is currently missing. Both Yaya and Raishin are shocked. Without warning, the clock tower suddenly explodes. Amidst the ensuing chaos, Raishin notices a girl riding on a dragon, escaping the scene.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Henriette Belew
  2. Yaya
  3. Loki
  4. Raishin Akabane
  5. Frey
  6. Charlotte Belew
  7. Sigmund


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