In an Abyss
Chapter 35 cover
Kanji 奈落の底にて
(ナラクノ ソコニテ)
Rōmaji Naraku no soko nite
Chinese Name 深淵底部
Chapter 35
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In an Abyss is the 35th chapter of Reiji Kaitō's Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai.

Raishin wakes up inside a dark, large hole after being caught up in Sigmund's attack. As he ventures inside, he also finds Henriette, and the two explore the place together. However, a person from Raishin's past creeps up in front of him.


Raishin wakes up and recalls the reason he is underground. Lighting up a candle, he explores the area and calls out for Yaya but to no avail. Venturing on, he spots Henriette's beret which makes him frantic, until he spots her lying on the ground, unconscious. Raishin manages to wake her up, but Henriette, upon seeing him, shuns him away. The latter tells Henriette that they must find a way out, and informs her that they fell from the academy. However, Henriette brushes him off and tells him to leave her alone. Despite the latter's stubbornness, Raishin tries to convince her, but to no avail, until a huge chunk of rock falls from above.

After being told a scary story and pranked by Raishin, Henriette curls into a corner and apologizes for her behavior; until Raishin reveals that it is a joke, much to Henriette's chagrin. He then tells Henriette that in any case, people have died in their location, and thus his story might be true. He gently advices her not to reject people especially in such a place, to which Henriette responds by saying that she is afraid of dying. Raishin comforts her by saying that as long as she is with him, he would not let her die easily. Assuring her that help will come soon for them, he invites her to come with him again. Albeit hesitant, Henriette reaches for Raishin's hand.

As the two walk around, Henriette falls over a cliff but is immediately saved by Raishin, who happens to spot a structure that reminds him of a castle or a church. Henriette cries out in pain after spraining her leg, causing the two to halt their walk and start a fire. Henriette then apologizes but Raishin laughs it off and comments that Henriette is really the sister of Charlotte, causing her to lament about the statement but Raishin just laughs it off again, and tells his tale about his older brother. Henriette opens up about her experiences as well, and tells Raishin on how she is always hidden on her sister's shadow, and adds that unlike Charlotte who has everything, she has nothing. Just then, a voice creeps up to them, asking Raishin to answer her if he is the enemy of her master. Looking at where the voice came from, Raishin expresses his shock as he calls out the name: Nadeshiko.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Raishin Akabane
  2. Henriette Belew
  3. Charlotte Belew (flashback)
  4. Hotaru


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