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Nadeshiko Mugshot
Nadeshiko Akabane

赤羽(あかばね) 撫子(なでしこ)


Akabane Nadeshiko





Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

Akabne Clan

Personal Status



Unnamed Mother (deceased)[1]
Kuukan Akabane (Father, deceased)[2]
Raishin Akabane (Older brother)
Tenzen Akabane (Older brother)

Manga Debut

Chapter 6 (debut, deceased)
Chapter 34 (flashback)

Anime Debut

Episode 5 (flashback)


Kana Hanazawa

English Voice

Tia Ballard


Nadeshiko Akabane (赤羽(あかばね) 撫子(なでしこ) Akabane Nadeshiko) was the younger sister of Raishin Akabane. She was killed in the fire that wiped out most of the Akabane Clan two years ago.


According to Raishin, Nadeshiko looked similar to Hotaru; in fact, when he first sees Hotaru appears, Raishin mistakes her for Nadeshiko.[3][4][5]



Many years ago, Raishin was leaving the Akabane Clan house when he was stopped by Nadeshiko. Raishin insisted that, unlike the rest of the family, he had no talent to be a Puppeteer but Nadeshiko tried to convince him of his talents. Raishin instead told his sister that she should aim to become a great puppet master, as she had more talent than him. In tears, Nadeshiko hugged Raishin tightly, and repeatedly begged him not to leave. Raishin then explained that their father had chased him out, and he had no choice but to leave. Anguished, Nadeshiko accused him of being a liar, then she reminded him of his promises: firstly, to take her to see the fireworks; and secondly, that she could always be by his side until he got married. Raishin tried to assure her that even if he no longer lived at home, he would take her to see the fireworks. Still unwilling to let go, Nadeshiko claimed she hated him for leaving, only for him to retort back that he hated little sisters who did not let go of their brothers. Upon hearing this, Nadeshiko finally let go of him and ran home, crying.[6]

During a fire that broke out at the clan house, Raishin heard Nadeshiko call out for him. However, when he found her, Raishin saw Magnus standing beside her body and what he saw next shocked him greatly.[7]


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