Puppeteers (人形使(にんぎょうつか)Ningyō tsukai) are sorcerers that are able to control Automatons with Mana.


It is not known exactly when Puppeteers began appearing in the world, but it is said that through a mixture of 'science' and 'magic' humans began to learn to control inanimate objects. Puppeteers called their creations, Automatons which could be made from many substances; even the remains of humans of animals. However, automatons created from living creatures are illegal.

In modern sorcery, Machinart has become the main trend, and thus by practising Machinart, Puppeteers become the main bearers of it. As Machinart are considered highly important in the military, many countries offer employment contracts to Puppeteers who graduate from Walpurgis Academy, which is the most advanced institution for Machinart. Moreover, if a Puppeteer happens to be the Wiseman, they can expect to be given significant roles, and will be treated as equal ranking to a General officer by the armies of different countries.[1]

According to Kimberley, should a Puppeteer faint, they cannot release any mana to their Automaton. She also says that if one's body has become a part of a banned doll, the same scenario would occur too.[2]


  • Raishin Akabane: The protagonist of the series, he travels the world searching for the puppeteer that masacred his family. He is accompanied by his automaton, Yaya.
  • Charlotte Belew: A girl whose main goal is to become the Wise-Man and rebuild her family. She is accompanied by her automaton, Sigmund.
  • Shoko Karyusai: A woman who is considered to be the greatest automaton creator in the world. She assists Raishin and is accompanied by her automatons, Irori and Komurasaki.
  • Felix Kingsfort: The former head of the Discipline Committee, in an effort to become the Wise-Man, he and his automaton, Eliza ambushed 'wise-man candidates' and devoured them and their automatons.
  • Frey: A shy and timid girl who was suppose to be Raishin's first opponent in the Night-Party Competition, she is accompanied by her automaton, Rabbi.
  • Loki: Frey's younger but more talented brother, he switched places with Frey in the first Night-Party Competition so that Frey wouldn't get hurt. He is accompanied by his automaton, Cherubim.
  • Magnus: The most powerful Puppetteer aspiring to be the Wise-Man, he is accompanied by his six automatons whose names have not yet been varified.
  • Bronson
  • Risette Norden
  • Alice Bernstein
  • Edward Rutherford


  • When puppeteers that use illegal Automatons are injured, their injury takes longer to heal due to their Automaton draining their life-force.
  • As stated by Raishin, most puppeteers act timid or scared when they are in a large group of people and are not accompanied by their Automaton. One such person is Charlotte.


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