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Raishin Manga Mugshot
Raishin Akabane

赤羽(あかばね) 雷真(らいしん)


Akabane Raishin


Second Last (by Kimberley)
Boy ((ぼう)や)
(by Shoko Karyusai)
Raishin-dono (雷真殿(らいしんどの))
(by Irori)

Entry code

Second Last
(下から二番目(セカンドラスト) Sekando Rasuto)








August 23[1]

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Japanese Army
Walpurgis Academy

Previous Affiliation

Akabane Clan


Student puppeteer



Base of Operations

Walpurgis Academy

Personal Status



Yoshino Akabane (Mother, deceased)[1][2]
Kuukan Akabane (Father, deceased)[3]
Tenzen Akabane (Older Brother)[1][4]
Nadeshiko Akabane (Younger Sister, deceased)
Unnamed Uncle (deceased)[5]
Unnamed Aunt (deceased)[5]
Unnamed Cousins (deceased)[5]

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1


Hiro Shimono

English Voice

Clifford Chapin


Raishin Akabane (赤羽(あかばね) 雷真(らいしん) Akabane Raishin) is a student Puppeteer from Japan, who has come to the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart in England to study the emerging field of Machinart. He is accompanied by a girl named Yaya, who is his Automaton.


Raishin Akabane image

Raishin's appearance

Raishin is a lean young man with pale skin, sapphire eyes, and long unkempt black hair that reaches down to his nape. He is usually seen in the standard school uniform of Walpurgis Academy;  this consists of a white long-sleeved shirt with gray cuffs, under a black vest that has a gray outline with three gold buttons, a large olive-colored belt with a gold ring, a pair of gray pants, and dark brown shoes. Additionally, he dons an olive-colored arm band on his right arm. In the middle of his back, he wears leather straps that are attached to a gold ring, before crossing and being fastened at the front where his shoulders and chest are. 

After defeating Felix Kingsfort and his Automaton, Eliza, Raishin is awarded with the 100th rank in the Walpurgis Night, and as such, he puts on a pair of black fingerless gauntlets with his entry name "Second Last" engraved on it. The gauntlets have a motif-like pattern on them, with one button on each gauntlet to fasten around the wrist.[6]

During official school events, such as when being presented with an award from the Headmaster[7] or the start of the Walpurgis Night[8], Raishin dons a black school coat that has a light-colored collar, a light-colored pair of cuffs, and a light-colored rectangular border that runs from one cuff, across the shoulder area, to the next cuff. The coat also has a white outline at its edges. Additionally, the coat has two light-colored belts, one at the chest level and the other at the waist, if it needs to be fastened against the leather.


Raishin is fearless and has a strong will of justice; he is not afraid to jump into any conflict or face any opponent if he knows that what they are doing is wrong or believes that what he is doing is right. He cares deeply for Yaya, despite her always getting him into trouble with her jealous remarks to other girls or beating him when there is misunderstandings concerning the latter. His main goal is to avenge his family.


Shoko and Yaya appear before Raishin

Raishin sees Shoko and Yaya for the first time

Raishin was born into a family of puppeteer that consisted of his mother, father, older brother, and younger sister. Though his family was renowned for their ability to create and control automatons, Raishin was not very good at it and lived in his brother's shadow.[9] One day Raishin left his household to go on a trip and returned to see it destroyed; his mother, father, and sister were dead and his brother was confirmed to be missing.[1][10][11]

One day, as he was desperately practicing his puppeteer skills in his burnt down house, Shoko Karyusai and her Automaton doll, Yaya, appeared before him. However the boy was unaware of her identity. Thus, Yaya then stripped to reveal Shoko's name on her lower back, while Shoko proudly displayed the doll as one of her beautiful creations, leading Raishin to finally realize Shoko's famed identity due to her other creation's destructive powers. Commenting on her fame and connections to the military, she offered to grant Raishin's wish to seek revenge for his family's deaths, in exchange for working for her, and be her possession. Claiming the alternative was death if he refused her offer, she gave Yaya to be his automaton as part of the contract.[12] Since then, he has secretly been working for the Japanese military.


Cannibal Candy arcEdit

Yaya Stopping the Train

Raishin gives his Mana to Yaya

Raishin is abruptly woken up by Yaya and her supposed "love charm". He is annoyed but she remarks that they have arrived in Liverpool, renowned for its Machinart technology.[13] Moments later, upon hearing that the train's brakes have malfunctioned, Raishin orders everyone to sit down, as he and Yaya proceed to stop the train before it derails. With the magic Raishin transfers to her, along with her herculean strength, Yaya finally brings the train to a stop.[14] They are then thanked by two female passengers, to whom he explains he is a puppeteer and that Yaya is his Automaton doll. However Yaya comments she is his doll in bed too, prompting the older female passenger to slap him for supposedly being a pervert. Scolding her for making misleading comments, he is about to continue reprimanding her when he sees her tears, and decides to drop the subject.[15] Arriving at Walpurgis Academy, Raishin warns Yaya that she will not be allowed to leave the premises until he graduates. However, Yaya assures him of her loyalty, even if she is a tool for his revenge.[16]

Raishin talking to Kimberley

Raishin talking to Kimberley

Raishin receives his dismal test scores, ranking 1235th out of 1236 students and becomes pessimistic as his prospects of participating in the Walpurgis Night are extremely low. Just then, he and Yaya notice fearful students making way for "Tyrant Rex", a female student. Coincidentally walking past, Professor Kimberley introduces herself as his home teacher, and explains the female student is Charlotte Belew, a member of The Rounds and thus within the top 13 ranks. Comparing Raishin to Charlotte, Kimberley warns him to work hard. However, he asks about the Walpurgis Night, and notes that if he is the remaining undefeated survivor, he can be the Wiseman. Kimberley says if a low ranking student manages to defeat a current participant, the executive committee will be forced to rethink the selection. As she leaves, Raishin thanks her for the tip.[17]

Raishin and Yaya prepares to fight Sigmund

Raishin with Yaya marvels on Sigmund's appearance

Stepping before Charlotte, Raishin challenges her for her Walpurgis Night entry. He is then shocked to see Charlotte's Automaton, Sigmund, transforming into his full size.[18] Just as he and Yaya prepare to fight them, a huge flail lunges forward at Charlotte and Sigmund. Raishin then realizes that a group of student attackers are targeting Charlotte, who believes he has been cowardly enough to call them for reinforcements. He denies this strongly, and watches Charlotte fending herself from incoming attacks.[19]

Just before Charlotte is hit by the flail again, Raishin and Yaya protect her, with the latter merely holding the flail up with her herculean strength, much to Charlotte's surprise. Claiming that Charlotte is his "prey", Raishin refuses to cooperate with the attackers. Upon Raishin's orders, Yaya makes short work of some attackers' Automatons, surprising everyone because of his poor rank, Frustrated, the attackers decide to target him.[20] After watching Yaya fight the attacking Automatons, Raishin joins in to fight alongside her, taking on the attackers while transferring more mana to her.[21] The battle finally ends when Charlotte and Sigmund make a finishing blow, and Raishin formally introduces himself and Yaya to Charlotte. The latter wants to resume their original battle, but Raishin notices Sigmund's injuries, and refuses, before escaping by using a smoke bomb.[22]

Charlotte, Sigmund, Raishin and Yaya Eating

Raishin and Yaya eats with Charlotte and Sigmund

The next morning, on the way to class, Raishin and Yaya spot a crowd of students, including Charlotte, gathered around the remains of a partially devoured Automaton, just as another student comments it is the work of Cannibal Candy.[23] During lunch time, Raishin asks about Sigmund's injuries, and suggests that Charlotte should have lunch with them. Abashed, Charlotte refuses to, but ironically, she decides to sit at the same table with them. Raishin asks about the earlier scene in the morning, to which Charlotte mentions the name "Cannibal Candy", but refuses to discuss more. Instead, she hopes to have interesting lunch topics, to which Raishin teases her with an innuendo. Unexpectedly, Magnus and his Automatons walk past, catching Raishin's attention. Intending to pursue Magnus, Raishin immediately leaves, followed by Yaya, and stubbornly refuses to listen to Charlotte's warnings.[24]

Raishin surrounded by Magnus' Banned dolls

Raishin is surrounded with the Squadron

To everyone's shock, Raishin mocks Magnus with some questions. When the latter claims not to know him, Raishin remarks he travelled half the world to see him, and to pass him something. Without warning, Magnus' six Automatons swiftly surround him with their swords pointing at his neck. As Yaya rushes over, Raishin coolly says the Automatons are too hasty, when all he wants is to pass a small bottle, which Magnus accepts and leaves. Yaya apologizes for her inability to protect Raishin, but he now understands that with the vast difference between his and Magnus' power, only a front attack is possible because an ambush is impossible. Suddenly, a student claps for Raishin's "brave" act and asks to discuss matters with him in the cafeteria. Raishin is clueless who this student is, but notices he has attracted attention. As they reach their table, a surprised Charlotte realizes this student is Felix Kingsfort, the Head of the Disciplinary Committee.[25]

After teasing Charlotte for a date, Felix asks if Raishin would target him next, now that he has targeted Charlotte. Then, he proposes a trade with Raishin, but the latter does not give it much thought, until he mentions he is willing to offer an entry into the Walpugis Night, catching Raishin's attention immediately.[26] Later in an office, Felix informs Raishin that he needs to defeat Cannibal Candy, and in return, the Disciplinary Committee will recommend to the Night's executive committee, that he should be awarded with an entry. Felix explains the number of disappearances and the number of destroyed Automatons have increased in the Academy, thus the Disciplinary Committee is desperate to defeat Cannibal Candy soon, especially since they have had no reliable leads in their investigation. Inferring from this, Raishin understands he is not to raise an uproar about this.

Raishin and Felix talking to Charlotte

Raishin arrives at the scene

Suddenly, a frantic Risette Norden enters the room, and Felix introduces Raishin to her. She then informs them that another victim of Cannibal Candy has been found, leading Felix to ask Raishin to visit the crime scene with them. At the crime scene, Raishin notices that Charlotte is there too, and upon observing her interactions with Felix, asks if she is in love with him, much to her embarrassment. Just then, Raishin is called by Felix, and the latter is shocked to see the remnants of the devoured Automaton. Felix explains that the missing magic circuit is a trademark of Cannibal Candy, but admits no one has witnessed the devouring. Seeing the smooth scar left behind, Raishin understands why the moniker of "Cannibal Candy" is given. He asks Risette who the user is, and she replies it is probably the earlier attacker with the flail. Still pondering, he asks Charlotte for her opinions, but the girl is badly frightened and panics, ordering Sigmund to bite him. As she runs away, Felix admits he is unable to cope with his emotions too, and pleads for Raishin to help him, which the latter agrees to consider. As Raishin and Yaya proceed to return to their dormitory room, Risette requests to speak to him in private, causing him to send Yaya back to the room first. With Yaya gone, Risette says she needs to discuss about Charlotte.[27]

Yaya asks Raishin to strip his pants

Raishin is worried on what about Yaya is up to

Later that night, Raishin returns to his room, but a crazed Yaya pounces on him and wants to see if he flirted with Risette during their private discussion. Finally back to normal, Yaya informs Raishin that their military plans have been approved, but Raishin has doubts on whether he can trust the Kingsfort family; Yaya adds on that the family has politically powerful members, and connected to the British intelligence. Thus, Raishin infers the Academy cannot disregard the family's decisions easily. Just as he refocuses on finding and defeating Cannibal Candy, a mysterious figure knocks on his window, prompting Raishin to instinctively protect Yaya.[28]

The mysterious figure is Sigmund, who flew over to apologize for his and Charlotte's behaviors earlier on. Sympathetically, he explains that while Charlotte, like everyone who makes mistakes, has certain circumstances that influence her behavior, she has a gentle heart and does not mean harm. Commenting that he wants Raishin to know this, Sigmund leaves. Raishin recalls his private conversation with Risette, where she informs him that Sigmund is a banned doll, who according to legend, devoured people and burnt cities. Raishin is unimpressed with Risette's constant beating around the bush and asks for her point directly. However, Risette simply replies they suspect Cannibal Candy is a banned doll too, and is about to leave when Raishin asks her something. The flashback ends and Raishin tells Yaya that they will find Cannibal Candy together.[29]

Raishin and Yaya meets up with Charlotte and Sigmund

Raishin meets up with his "date"

The next morning, Raishin is awoken by noises, and sees that Charlotte is his door. Unexpectedly, the abashed girl claims she is alright with going out of a date with him, to his confusion and Yaya's jealousy.[30] Yaya tries to turn Charlotte's offer down, but Raishin accepts it, making Yaya jealous. After class, Raishin meets Charlotte, who tells him to run around to lure Cannibal Candy out, as she intends to defeat it. Concerned this plan would take all night, Raishin asks her about the "date" she agreed to, and questions if she has any friends. Feeling defensive, Charlotte claims she is helping him, and Raishin realizes she eavesdropped on him when he agreed to help Felix on the case. Suddenly, he decides the both of them should go on an actual date outside school, which she protests but to no avail, leaving their Automatons behind.

Raishin and Charlotte Having Dinner

Raishin and Charlotte dining in a restaurant

As they explore Liverpool city during their date, Charlotte becomes uneasy when walking past some strangers, prompting Raishin to tease her feeling of helplessness without Sigmund, before assuring her that he will protect her. Upon figuring out that she may be financially tight, he decides to treat her to dinner at a restaurant, which she initially rejects but accepts due to her hunger.[31] During the dinner, Charlotte asks Raishin his reason for targeting her. Admitting that while he wanted to raise his profile by challenging a high ranking student, he also feels it is unfair for him to do so. He quickly takes the chance to ask Charlotte about the kind of relationship she has with Felix. Embarrassed, she replies Felix is the only person in school who treats her kindly. Raishin then asks for her motivation to be the Wiseman, but she refuses to elaborate.[32]

Episode 3 screen

Raishin arrives with Charlotte on the scene of Cannibal Candy's new work

After dinner, Raishin asks Charlotte to accompany him as he buys shoes for Yaya and thanks her for her help. Returning back to school, Charlotte says she can understand Raishin's reason for targeting her, because she has sinned. Just as Raishin tries to clarify that comment, his attention is caught from the school gates. Immediately, he runs back to school, and sees Felix, Risette, and other students gathered at a scene. As Felix tells him there is another victim, Raishin thinks of Yaya, and wonders where is Felix's own Automaton too. Explaining that as a member of The Rounds, Felix has his Automaton locked up in the Locker for its protection, now that Walpurgis Night is starting soon. Looking at the victim, Felix informs Raishin that it was one of the attacking Automatons that targeted Charlotte. Later as he leaves, he tells Charlotte he does not wish to see her now that she has gone on a date with Raishin, making the girl devastated and Raishin tries to calm her down, but she runs away, hurt. Angered by Charlotte's hurt, Raishin confronts Felix, but the latter claims he has his reasons and promised to apologize to her when the case is finished.[33]

Raishin helps Yaya

Raishin puts on the shoes that she bought for Yaya

Returning to his room, Raishin apologizes for going out with Charlotte, and to cheer her up, presents her with the new shoes, since her pair of Geta was damaged from stopping the train. Raishin then explains that by going out with Charlotte, he confirmed some suspicions about Cannibal Candy, but has observed many discrepancies in the case too. Yaya adds that Sigmund has been with her for the night, but Raishin throws in the possibility of him being a banned doll; such dolls may still have limited attack powers without their puppeteers. Suddenly, Raishin is informed there is a call for him; on the phone, Risette notifies him that Charlotte is missing and asks if Raishin has any clue as to where she could have gone, but he does not and is insulted by Risette for being useless. Remembering Charlotte ran off without Sigmund, he becomes worried and is about to storm out of his room to look for her when Shoko and Irori appear.[34]

Shoko Explains Yaya's Weaknesses

Raishin listens to Shoko's explanation about Yaya's weakness

Upon being asked by Raishin for the reason of her visit, Shoko says the Japanese military is interested in the Cannibal Case too, especially since Cannibal Candy not only ate the Automatons, but it ate the missing students too, fuelling speculations that powerful parties may be involved. However, Raishin thinks of Charlotte and is still determined to save her. Reminding him of their wager, Shoko forbids him to die. She then illustrates Yaya's weaknesses and vulnerabilities; upon understanding that, Raishin and Yaya run to look for Charlotte, while hoping the latter has not been reckless.[35]

Bumping into Risette, he is told that the Disciplinary Committee is looking for Charlotte too, because her room has been found with magic circuits that possibly belong to the Automaton victims. He protests at her alleged involvement, but seeing that Risette firmly believes in the alleged evidence, he asks for her cooperation to find Charlotte, and demands to investigate the Locker first to aid his investigation. With no choice but to leave Yaya behind while he enters the Locker, he assures her he will be fine, and instructs her to call him if needed. As he and Risette navigate the building, he asks Risette what is Felix's Automaton like, to which she replies it is made out of the Renaissance period, with the ability to manipulate lava and mist. As they reach the third floor, Raishin suddenly snatches Risette's set of keys, claiming he is not interested in Felix's Automaton, and runs to another area, until he finally reaches the locker of Risette Norden.[36]

Eliza about to attack Raishin

Raishin is about to be attacked by "Risette"

Hastily, as he recalls one of the Automaton victims, he unlocks the locker, and is shocked to see the corpse of the real Risette Norden. Just as he realizes the truth, "Risette", who is accompanying him, strikes him without warning and knocks him unconscious as he bleeds on the ground.[37] Knocked out, Raishin flashes back to his private meeting with "Risette", where he questions her on her knowledge regarding the latest Cannibal Case victim, and suggests she may have seen the attack. With his questioning, she becomes agitated, but he calmly reminds her that he did not suggest she is the perpetrator. As she admits her misunderstanding, Raishin leaves. The flashback ends.[38]

Due to "Risette's" lies to the school guards that Raishin is connected to Cannibal Candy, he is taken away to the medical office.[39] On the way there, his condition is noticed by Kimberley, who orders the students to carry him carefully due to his injuries.[40] A while later, Raishin and Yaya, despite their injuries, suddenly appear and protect Charlotte from Felix and his Automaton, who is revealed to be the real Cannibal Candy.[41]

Raishin and Yaya Defends Charlotte

Raishin and Yaya defends Charlotte

Charlotte apologizes for Raishin's injuries, but he refuses to accept it as she is the victim here, based on what Yaya earlier told him about her family history and motivations. Fed up with Felix's lies, he tells him to drop the act and defends Charlotte, before proclaiming he will fight him and his Automaton, "Risette". With Yaya's quick attack, "Risette" has her face exposed, and Raishin asks for her real name, which she replies is Eliza. He attempts to tell Eliza to give up her fight but to no avail, as the sadistic Automaton delights in cannibalism. Raishin and Yaya battle Eliza, but this results in them being severely injured as the latter slashes them and flings them around with chains.[42][43]

Raishin Apologizes to Yaya

Raishin apologizes to Yaya

Despite his injuries, Raishin assures Charlotte the battle will end soon, and that he will continue to fight for her regardless whether the world turns against him. Just as Yaya is slung around, her blood spills onto Eliza's face, and Raishin immediately gives her more mana, allowing her to break free and land a few blows against Eliza. He then explains to Charlotte that he discovered Eliza had to keep devouring magic circuits because she can only use each circuit once; as Felix wanted to be the Wiseman, he had Eliza constantly storing the circuits while making Charlotte the scapegoat. Despite Eliza's use of the real Risette's White Mist corrosive powers on Yaya, Raishin orders his doll to attack, and explains that Yaya's blood properties have made Eliza fragile. His deliberate plan of having Yaya bleed shocks Felix, and Yaya finally defeats Eliza. Desperate to the point of holding a gun, Felix tries to negotiate a deal with Raishin, but he punches him unconscious.[44] With the battle finally over, Raishin apologizes to Yaya for making her bleed, but she disregards that and is more worried for his well-being. Smiling, Raishin quietly places his hand on her head and brings her closer to his chest, thanking her. Turning to Charlotte, he apologizes that she could not enjoy the fight and lends her a hand to stand up, symbolic of their true friendship.[45]

Sword Angel arcEdit

Raishin thanks Charlotte for the gift

Raishin thanks Charlotte for the gift

After the defeat and exposure of Felix and Eliza, Headmaster Edward Rutherford awards Raishin with his own Gauntlets. After the short presentation ceremony, he and Yaya receive much fanfare, which Kimberley explains that in order to regain trust, the Academy wants to make Raishin the hero and adds that she came up with his Entry. When asked why she did not laugh at his ambitions, she answers that she was a similar student, and believes people would study when motivated to do so. While Raishin comments how he is not used to the fanfare he is receiving, Charlotte and Sigmund appear and present him with a talisman, imbued with defensive magic. They agree to be fair opponents during the Walpurgis Night.[46]

Raishin examines Frey's sandwich

Raishin examines the sandwich

Two weeks later on the eve of the Walpurgis Night, as Raishin and Yaya return to their dormitory room to take Raishin's textbooks, they find a mysterious female student caught mid-air in a net. After letting the intruder down, Raishin demands an explanation, before realizing she was caught in her own trap. Unexpectedly, the intruder offers some sandwiches, much to Yaya's jealousy. Raishin demands answers again, and the intruder answers she will assassinate Raishin.[47]

In the school cafeteria, Charlotte is shocked to hear Raishin let the potential assassin, a third year student named Frey, go. Charlotte believes that the latter is not strong in actual combat, and thus tried to assassin Raishin to improve her chances in the Walpurgis Night. Furthermore, Charlotte admits considering how he defeated Felix, he is considered the dark horse, and many among the top fifty ranks are worried. Just then, they spot Frey with her Automaton outside, where she attempts to set a big cage trap and use provocative magazines as bait, to Raishin's disbelief. Unexpectedly, Frey becomes trapped in her own trap again. Just as Raishin asks if he should help her again, Loki the "Sword Emperor" appears. Noticing Frey and Loki look alike, Raishin enquires and Charlotte replies they are siblings.[48]

Episode 5 screen

Raishin's brawl with Loki is stopped by Sigmund's attack

Just before Loki's Automaton, Cherubim, strikes Frey and Rabbi, Yaya defends them, while Raishin coolly walks to the commotion and reminds Loki that the Walpurgis Night only starts on the day after.[49] Annoyed, Loki asks Raishin who he is, to which the latter introduces and stubbornly refuses to leave despite Loki ordering and even threatening him to do so. Loki yells angrily at how Orientals like Raishin do not know their places in society, prompting Raishin to remark the same of Occidentals. Both students then engage in an argument, even to the point of wanting to start an Automaton fight, when Charlotte orders Sigmund to fire in between the two and halt the argument. Based on Charlotte's words, Loki glances at Raishin and realizes he was the one who defeated Felix. He orders Raishin to withdraw from the Night party and never be involved between the siblings' matters, but he refuses again as the former walks away.[50]

Raishin talking to Frey

Raishin talking to Frey

Frey then thanks Raishin and Yaya for protecting Rabbi. Curious, Raishin asks her about what the earlier scene between her and Loki was about, and she replies Loki hates her, before quietly leaving. Turning to Charlotte, Raishin asks if she knows anything about Frey, but she does not and warns him not to find out about the latter's circumstances, as that would affect his battle against her and may result in his defeat. Confident he will defeat Frey, he remarks he would regret not knowing her circumstances, and points out that Charlotte was relieved that he did not steal her Entry earlier on too, much to her shock.[51] Raishin decides to ask her about Frey; at the end of it, Raishin questions why Charlotte is helping him despite of her objection earlier. Upon being asked by the latter if he is fond of big bosoms, Raishin replies that it does not matter once you have fallen for someone. However, things turn out worse for him as he receives a slap from Charlotte, because Yaya decides to refute his statement, saying that he actually likes them bouncy just like Frey's. Feeling the slap he received, he asks Yaya if she is aware of the dark feeling that swirls within him, and tells Yaya that Charlotte was not seducing him but is only seeking his advice.[52] Realizing the time, he and Yaya leaves for his extra classes as Charlotte swears not to help him.[53]

Yawning in class, Raishin is hit by a chalk on the forehead, thrown by Kimberley who reminds him of his lucky chances. Ignorant of the Walpurgis Night structure, Raishin assumes the conditions are fair for all hundred participants. Kimberley is annoyed he did not pay attention and explains the power structure of the event, making Raishin realize Frey may be compelled her to assassinate him for being an obstacle to the Wiseman position. Ending class, Kimberley assigns more homework and readings for him, and he has no choice but to rely on Yaya's help. As they leave the lecture theater, Raishin analyses the characteristics of Loki and Frey, but Yaya assumes wrongly and pervertedly again, creating a ruckus in the open school grounds.[54]

Komurasaki hugging Raishin

Raishin is hugged by Komurasaki

While sleeping, he is startled by a mysterious assassin armed with a dagger; upon tackling the person, he discovers it is Frey. However, due to Frey's tales, Raishin becomes in trouble with a jealous Yaya. The next morning, Raishin calls Irori to request Shoko Karyusai for a background investigation on Frey, but is misunderstood by the latter. As he thinks about how Frey could have used magic to sneak around quietly, he is interrupted by Charlotte, who informs him of her own investigation that D-Works is the benefactor of Frey and Loki. She explains that the Night Party is the perfect testing area for D-Works, who is keen to increase its market share in the Automaton industry. Regardless of the rumors surrounding D-Works or Frey's circumstances with the company, Charlotte tells Raishin to defeat Frey in the Night Party. Before leaving, she reminds him of the talisman she gave, which he takes out. Suddenly, Raishin is attacked by an uncontrollable Rabbi. Without Yaya around him and seeing how Frey is still unable to rein in Rabbi, he activates a stun grenade successfully. After Rabbi regains normalcy, Raishin asks Frey about the sudden attack as she dresses his wound, but Yaya creepily wants to defeat the former, who escapes with her dog. Soon, Raishin and Yaya are greeted by Komurasaki, Yaya's younger sister.[55]

Komurasaki talks about her breasts

Raishin is provoked by Komurasaki to touch her breasts

Back in the dormitory, Raishin comments on how Komurasaki has grown, which she misunderstands as him referring to her bust size. Raishin clarifies that he is talking about her height. Raishin asks her to stop talking about her breasts, and tells a now provoked Yaya not to break the floor.[52] Raishin asks Komurasaki about Shoko's reply next, and soon deduces the reason for Komurasaki's rather prompt presence, even though he had only asked to enquire about Frey a while ago. Reasoning carefully, he becomes aware that the Japanese Military had already begun their own investigations. Considering Komurasaki's ability, he asks her if they had a place to go, and she replies affirmatively, promising that his and the Military's questions will be answered. However, Yaya voices her opposition because the Night Party will occur soon in a couple of hours. While Raishin reminds her his primary duty is to be the Military's agent, Komurasaki informs her that she is not allowed to follow, causing the latter to despair and cry. After comforting her and assuring her he will be back soon, Raishin asks Komurasaki for their destination, and she answers it is the Orphanage, also known as Frey's "house".[56]

Yomi talking to Raishin and Komurasaki

Raishin with Komurasaki talking to Yomi

A while later, Raishin and Komurasaki arrive at the Orphanage. With Komurasaki's Eightfold Mist spell, they are able to walk into the premise undetected, but Raishin is still unsettled by this. As they observe several canine Automatons in a cowshed spotted by Komurasaki, Raishin ponders over their realistic canine features. Noticing a locked metal door, Raishin picks the lock successfully, despite Komurasaki's worries. As they walk into the room, they are shocked to see that a dog has found out about their physical presences. Raishin mistakenly assumes it is Rabbi; apologizing for the intrusion, he introduces himself and asks how she could detect them. As the dog explains her active sensors, she tells Raishin that some of the canine Automatons in the cowshed, and Rabbi, are her children. After learning the functions of the dog's Sonic Magic Circuit and observing their surroundings, Raishin asks her if she is a banned doll, which she does not deny. When Raishin hears that the dog is designated for disposal due to her "useless" state as deemed by the Orphanage, he reacts angrily that she has been treated like a statistic, and offers her to join them.[57]

Raishin and Komurasaki inside Frey's room

Raishin with Komurasaki sees a lot of pictures

Persuading the dog to join them, Raishin explains he is trying to find out more about Frey, as she has tried to assassinate him, and thus would appreciate a guide around the Orphanage. Freed from her chains by Raishin, the dog agrees to be their guide, before warning them of the hell they are about to see.[58] Walking down a corridor, Raishin asks the dog for her name, and she replies it is Yomi. Soon they arrive at Frey's room. Flipping through several photos, Raishin sees a smiling Frey and wonders why she is unhappy now. As he listens to Yomi talking about Frey's deceased parents, he suddenly recalls his brother and deceased sister and concludes both have lost their families. After hearing Yomi describe Frey's kind personality, Raishin comments it must have been nice for the girl to have a loving family like Yomi, making the latter smile.[59]

Yomi brings Raishin and Komurasaki to the Cold Cellar

Raishin sees the "meat" storage

As Yomi leads them elsewhere, they pass a cafeteria, to which Raishin is surprised to see many children with similar features as Frey and Loki in there: white hair with red eyes. Yomi explains they are the "Promised Children" who are said to have a special affinity to magic. As Raishin questions the probability of finding these children globally, Yomi cryptically mentions they are not the real "Promised Children". He and Komurasaki are then led down a flight of stairs, and they reach an ice cellar door, which Raishin unlocks by picking the lock. While they shiver in the cold, Yomi mentions the cold storage is meant for meat. Moments later, Raishin and Komurasaki are rudely-awakened to see the room is filled with the bodies of deceased mutilated children, kept in glass cases. Barely able to recover from the shocking scene before them, they soon hear footsteps running towards their location.[60]

Raishin escapes with Yomi

Raishin brings Yomi as he escape

Increasingly worried, Raishin tries to figure out how they were detected, and with his escape options limited, Raishin concludes they have to break through the enemy, but Yomi warns him against the idea, and shows them a sewage chute. Before he could question where it leads them, Yomi pushes them into it as they have little time to escape. He then apologizes to Komurasaki for leading her into a dangerous situation and worries she may be taken away if he screws up. Unable to figure out the reason for Frey's attempts on his life, he yells in frustration, attracting Yomi's attention. Realizing Raishin is "Second Last", she explains the Walpurgis Night is a testing platform for Rabbi and Cherubim, and adds that if the production of the Garm series is stalled, the dogs in the cowshed would be disposed of. Raishin finally understands the dogs' lives are Frey's motivation to win.[61] Soon, they are shot at by armed attackers and their Automatons. Raishin is shot on his side, and before another Automaton's shots could hit him, Yomi suddenly jumps in front of him and takes the hit for him. As Yomi falls, he takes a gun and shoots his attacker before rushing to Yomi's side, where she is severely wounded. Although confused by Yomi's sacrifice as it would affect Frey's chances of winning, Raishin tries to carry Yomi, but she bites him and insists he leaves her behind and rejects his attempt to heal her with mana. Commenting her last wish is to lay with the children, Yomi orders him to go, causing Raishin to apprehend the sewage is effectively a grave for the disposed Garm Automatons. Anguished, Raishin has no choice but to leave the dying Yomi behind and climbs an escape ladder.[62]

A while later, Raishin returns to Walpurgis Academy in time to tell Loki and Frey not to write him off despite the Orphanage's attempts to eliminate him and Yaya. Annoyed, Loki leaves. Now alone with Frey, Raishin informs her of Yomi's death and apologizes deeply for it, before promising to tell her more soon. As the two part to prepare for the Walpurgis Night, Frey thanks him to his surprise, and explains Yomi has been effectively jailed in the room for so many years, and that one time out with Raishin was probably a lot of fun for her. Hearing this, Raishin is devastated and screams for Frey to attack him as he is filled with guilt over Yomi's death.[63]

Back in the dormitory room, both Raishin and Yaya notice each other are covered in injuries and frantically check on each other. However, they are interrupted by Shoko, who confirms with Raishin that he was used as bait by the Japanese Military to spy on the Orphanage. Hearing this, Raishin is angered as he believes Yomi's death could have been avoided, but Shoko says otherwise and adds on even if he had Yaya, he would still be unable to save those who died. After listening to Shoko's description of Rabbi's Sonic circuit, Raishin is very shocked to hear his next task: stealing a part of the dog's circuit; despite his protests, Shoko is relentless and Raishin has no choice but to leave for the Walpurgis Night with Yaya.[64]

Raishin attends the ceremony of the Night Party[65] After the ceremony ends, he is called out as the 100th ranking student, and faces off Loki, who unexpectedly decides to demote himself to the 99th rank, surprising everyone greatly. A fierce battle between them begins, and Loki later becomes annoyed with Yaya's strength; he orders Cherubim to revolve into a sword form, stunning both Raishin and Yaya. Almost immediately, Raishin realizes that in this form, Cherubim is stronger and able to cut Yaya, thus making him hesitant about transferring mana to Yaya and becoming worried about his battle tactics. Interrupted by a plea from Yaya, he finally transfers mana to her while assuring himself her strength is sufficient to handle the battle. Just as Cherubim is about to strike at Yaya, Raishin suddenly recalls how Yomi sacrificed herself for him, and without warning, he pushes Yaya aside, taking the blow from Cherubim and subsequently losing a lot of blood.[66]

Bloodied and unconscious, Raishin is rushed to the hospital.[67] The next day, during Loki's and Frey's battle, Raishin and Yaya make an unanticipated entrance to the battle, and save Loki in time before Rabbi could attack him. Despite appearing confident with a smirk on his face, Raishin knows he is hurting greatly and yet, still believes he has to help Frey, who is seriously injured. However, Loki kicks him and orders him not to interfere; this triggers a petty argument between them, and results in Loki aggravating Raishin's injuries. Determined to save Frey, Raishin yells at Loki that killing Rabbi will not save Frey, especially because she considers the dog her family. Desperate, Loki finally lets Raishin carry out his plan to save Frey and Rabbi.[68]

With Yaya distracting Rabbi, he rushes to Frey's side and figures out that as she is the power source, she has to be unconscious to save both of them. However, he hesitates upon seeing her face. Without warning, Rabbi swiftly charges towards Raishin, but is blocked by Loki and Cherubim. Loki impatiently demands Raishin to get on with his plan or risk being killed by him instead, and the latter returns to Frey's side. With an apology, he uses a chokehold position on her and she becomes unconscious, in turn subduing Rabbi's berserk state too. Abruptly, Rabbi bursts out blood before them. With the Night Party suspended, Raishin and Yaya wait outside the medical wing as Frey and Rabbi are being treated.[69]

After a while, Kimberley, Shoko, and Irori emerge; Kimberley informs Raishin that whilst Frey's life is no longer in danger, the same cannot be guaranteed for Rabbi even though he has been treated with Shoko's remarkable skills. Later in the school grounds, Raishin gratefully thanks Shoko for her help, and the latter reveals she has a part of Rabbi's circuit, thus fulfilling the army's orders while saving Frey too. Amazed, Raishin thanks her profusely. However, Shoko believes that Frey has merely been an experiment, and in turn, she was the one who became berserk, causing Rabbi to become overloaded with too much power. Seeing how confused Raishin is, Shoko explains Frey's heart is incorporated into Rabbi's circuit, to forcibly draw out mana. However, by doing so, the puppeteer's body has to be remade to allow better affinity. Concluding, Shoko shocks Raishin and Yaya with the truth: Loki and Frey are artificially created "Promised Children".[70]

Raishin asks if implementing Machinart in humans is an easy process, to which Shoko replies it is not, reminding him of the deceased children he saw at the Orphanage. Recalling the mutilated bodies, Raishin realizes they are used as materials for the "Garm" series, just as Shoko comments that D-Works does not "waste". Becoming agitated, he runs off, but Shoko stops him because he, and even Loki, cannot defeat Bronson, founder of D-Works and former Wiseman, in their current states. Reluctantly, Raishin obeys. As he walks toward the hospital, he encounters Frey, and comforts her. He mentions how Charlotte loves dogs, and as the conversation continues, he listens to Frey describe how Yomi was like a second mother. He becomes stunned when Frey breaks down and blames herself for her family's tragedies. Wretched, Raishin shouts she has not done anything wrong, and suddenly walks out of the room.[71]

Fueled by anger and determination, Raishin asks Yaya, who meets him, if he is an idiot, and she replies affirmatively. They run off, but are interrupted by Charlotte and Sigmund, who try to stop them for fear they will be killed. Raishin replies that losing family is a difficult thing, but Charlotte insists they have to defeat her first. Quietly, he takes out the talisman she gave him, and asks that she believe in the talisman for his safety. Crying, Charlotte gives up and scolds him for being an idiot before running away. Raishin and Yaya then continue running to their destination.[72]

At the Orphanage, Raishin and Yaya fight off several guards and their Automatons. Quickly, they run to the cowshed, but the canine Automatons have been taken away, and Raishin considers the sewage as a possible place. Suddenly from above, Loki and Cherubim appear, making Raishin anxious at his battle prospects. Under Loki's orders, Cherubim attacks, Raishin is speechless as he witnesses the guards and their Automatons fall by Cherubim's blades. Taking their chances, the four of them run towards a building to recover. Angry at each other's tactics, the two young men argue but come to realize they are allies. As more guards corner them, they smirk and agree they are both idiots for risking their lives. After quickly taking out the guards, they run onto the open grounds of the Orphanage, where they are suddenly attacked by an Automaton named Lucifer, followed by a man.[73]

Raishin realizes the man is Bronson.[74] During the battle between Loki and Bronson, Lucifer suddenly springs up behind Cherubim and before it could attack the latter, Yaya blocks it with her arm, empowered by Raishin's mana. Despite having a petty argument, the two cooperate and continuously support their Automatons against Lucifer.[75] Seeing an opportunity, Raishin tries to kick Bronson, but he is quickly slashed multiple times by Lucifer and falls to the ground, bloodied.[76] After a while, an enraged Raishin gets up to fight Bronson again.[77]

Raishin is joined by a moderately wounded Loki, and asks if the latter can still battle, who rebuffs his concerns. Proceeding on, Raishin tells Bronson he is determined to defeat him with his plan, but demands to know first why he tricked and hurt Frey. Bronson replies everything is irreversible, and claims for the sake of scientific progress, stagnation or recession is not allowed.[78] Hearing this, Raishin becomes incensed and releases a tremendous amount of mana, transferring to Yaya, who with Cherubim, engage Lucifer in a fierce battle. Suddenly, Lucifer transforms back into its normal form and strikes Yaya. However its heated blade fails to cut through her as she explodes gunpowder at it, because Raishin has already figured out how the Jet blades work and in turn, ordered Yaya beforehand to explode the gunpowder to disperse its heat. With a final spell, Raishin empowers Yaya to jump high up through Lucifer's body, destroying it. With Lucifer finally defeated, Raishin and Loki collapse.[79]

Unconscious and thus unable to transfer mana to Yaya to protect him, Raishin is about to be shot at by Bronson, but is saved in the nick of time by Kimberley, who throws a dagger at the latter's arm.[80] After Bronson's arrest, Raishin is tended to by members of the Cruzada.[81] Recuperating in the hospital, Raishin tries to fight off Yaya's suggestive motives, but incurs Loki's annoyance. They are interrupted by Kimberley, who reminds them of her help to get them out of trouble, causing Raishin to recall how he is in the debt of many people for his involvement this time round. With her authority, Kimberley then brings in a visitor: Frey, who thanks Raishin for his help, but he denies it due to Yomi's death. Still, she thanks him.[82]

As Frey thanks Loki for his help and protection, Raishin informs her how worried her brother was, only for the latter to bring out Cherubim in its sword form. The two fight again, and desperate to stop them, Frey accidentally blurts out Raishin may be part of their family, much to her embarrassment, everyone's surprise, and Yaya's intense jealousy. He is then attacked by Yaya. A while later, as he looks out from the top of the hospital, he is approached by Frey, who apologizes and confesses Loki was the one who shot the projectile at Yaya. Despite this, Raishin decides not to inform the Night Party Committee, as he would like to take revenge by battling out with Loki. He asks Frey if she will still continue with the Night Party, to which she answers affirmatively to return hers and Loki's hearts back to normal with the forbidden arts, only possible if she becomes the Wiseman. Encouraged by her determination to fight, Raishin offers his hand and assures her they will settle their fight in the Night Party.[83]

Elf Speeder arcEdit

Sitting at the open roof of the hospital, Raishin laments how jealous Yaya has been due to Frey's presence. As he reflects his last encounter with Charlotte, he notices a girl, who he mistakes for the former due to their similar appearances. Without warning, the girl jumps off the roof, prompting him to save her while yelling for Yaya, who catches them to safety. As he explains the situation to Yaya, the mysterious girl escapes to a bush and apologizing profusely, she desperately begs to be killed or be sexually violated by him. Raishin is puzzled when she runs away abruptly. Interrupted by Frey, he tells her that the mysterious girl looked like Charlotte; Frey identifies the latter as Henriette Belew, Charlotte's sister, who recently transferred and has since then attempted suicide six times, only to be saved repeatedly. She also informs that Charlotte has been missing, making Raishin and Yaya shocked and worried. Without warning, the clock tower of the Academy is blown up. In the midst of the chaos, Raishin notices Charlotte and Sigmund flying away from the scene.[84]

Dressed in his school uniform, Raishin demands Crewell to discharge him from the hospital, but the latter warns him that by doing so, Raishin will be forced to return to the Walpurgis Night, even before his stitches are removed; Raishin may not recover fully as a result. With Crewell finally discharging him, he explains to Yaya that his gut feeling is telling him to help Charlotte, but Yaya begs him not to interfere in matters that do not concern him. Just then, they hear Henriette screaming for help from a tree as she is surrounded by Frey and her dogs. Dropping down from the tree, Henriette refuses to answer Raishin's questions and manages to escape when Frey and Yaya jealously misunderstand his intentions for bestiality. Unfazed, Raishin decides they will not pursue her, and tells Frey that while she prepares for the Night Party, he and Yaya will look for Charlotte. As Frey leaves, they notice how Frey has more dogs to her arsenal now, and thus becomes a bigger threat.[85]

Looking for Charlotte, they rationalize that she must have been forced to attack the clock tower. Suddenly, Charlotte and Sigmund appear before them, and the former sternly warns Raishin not to be involved in the Belew sisters' problems, or she will kill him, before flying off.[86] After progressing in the Night Party, he decides to visit Kimberley. Thanking the professor for her help, he asks who has been manipulating Charlotte. Kimberley reveals that investigations have shown she was trying to assassinate Headmaster Edward Rutherford, and a likely theory is the Kingsfort family holds a grudge against the Academy, for the Cannibal Candy affair. She believes the family wants to regain their public standing, by making the scandalized Belew family take the fall for this matter.[87]

Unfortunately due to the lack of evidence, Kimberley warns Raishin to steer clear of the matter, but he clarifies with her that if there was evidence, he can still be involved in the matter.[88] The next day, Raishin hears rumors about Charlotte and himself being spread around in school, but tells Yaya to ignore them. Coincidentally, they spot Henriette running towards the cordoned-off area of the destroyed clock tower, where the Headmaster is. Suddenly, Charlotte and Sigmund emerge; recalling what Kimberley said, Raishin runs towards the scene and orders Yaya to contact Shoko. He desperately screams for Charlotte, who does not see Henriette, to stop but to no avail; Sigmund blasts the area, just as Raishin pushes Henriette away from being directly hit.[89] Now underneath the rubble, Raishin recalls the hurtful last words he said to Nadeshiko.[90]

Observing his surroundings, Raishin lights a candle with a matchstick. Noticing a beret, he calls out for Henriette, who he quickly finds, and tells her they need to find a way out. However, seeing as she refuses to follow, he scares her with a haunted tale and subsequently apologizes for it, while reiterating his advice that she should follow him, and promises to protect her from death. After exploring for a while, Henriette slips but is quickly saved by Raishin, who is shocked to discover they are on a cliff. He sees a building for a split second at the bottom of the cliff, but it seemingly disappears. With Henriette's leg injured, Raishin decides to set up a campfire as they wait for help.[91]

Raishin sympathizes with Henriette's feelings of being the younger and less popular sibling, thus he decides to share the story of his talented older brother. Suddenly, one of Magnus' Automatons sneaks up to attack Raishin, but he mistakes the former as Nadeshiko[92] and recalling the gruesome and traumatic discovery of his dead family at the hands of his brother, he reminds himself that Nadeshiko is dead. Seeing Magnus standing next to the Automaton, he is tempted to attack him but they are interrupted by Headmaster Edward Rutherford, who upon introducing himself, asks Raishin if he saw anything strange. Wary of the man, Raishin lies. When Edward states that Magnus is his escort and that help is on the way, Raishin nervously accepts his encrypted instructions not to wander off.[93]

Sitting opposite of Magnus, Raishin feels agitated that he is unable to attack the former. When asked by a concerned Henriette, he apologizes and explains that his vendetta against Magnus for killing Nadeshiko is his reason for enrolling in the Academy. Unwilling to fight a battle he knows he will lose, Raishin adds on that Henriette's safety is his concern too, and requests she does not leak his vendetta out. When Henriette tries to explain she is in the Academy for an ulterior reason, Raishin is suddenly attacked, but manages to dodge, albeit barely.[94]

As Raishin scrambles to dodge his attacker, he struggles to figure out the latter's identity. Unexpectedly, Magnus' Automaton defends him. He is shocked when Magnus, addressing the Automaton as "Hotaru", orders her to apprehend the attacker. Watching the two fight, he becomes shocked at their fighting powers, while realizing his attacker is not relying on a Puppeteer's power. Just then, help arrives, and his attacker disappears instantly. Raishin watches in angry disbelief when Edward claims the attacker was after his life, and answers grudgingly to the Headmaster that he is not hurt.[95]

After being rescued, Raishin is greeted by Yaya, and Frey. Henriette thanks him but also pleads with him not to be involved in the Belew sisters' problems. Seeing the latter leave, Raishin comments both sisters are similar. Later, Raishin advances in the Night Party as both the 86th and 87th ranked participants do not turn up; he is concerned about a possible collusion against him.[96]

Returning to his dormitory room, he sees an annoyed Shoko, who, throwing a report, states there is nothing wrong with Henriette. She warns him sternly that she will not accept his selfishness or mischief again, and states he will obey the military as told, before leaving. Despite this warning, he still decides to carry out his plans, making Yaya very alarmed. Explaining that as he still regrets not protecting Nadeshiko, he is fed up with regrets and thus wants to save the Belew sisters, even if it is a military violation. He asks Yaya for her power, and she affirms her loyalty. Pleased, he decides to act immediately.[97]

A while later, he and Yaya kidnap Henriette from her room,[98] and explain they are trying to save her. Raishin figures out that Henriette feels forced to attempt suicide in order to save Charlotte. However, he observes she is constantly foiled because there are people spying on her, because her perpetrators cannot afford to lose their hostage. He smirks when a butler appears, taking his bait. Raishin learns that the mastermind is of the Granville family. However, the butler suddenly leaps into the air; thanks to Raishin's warning, Yaya manages to dodge him. Instructing Henriette to stay close to him, he and Yaya prepare to take on their opponent.[99]

Despite their efforts, the butler manages to swiftly knock Yaya and Raishin out, leaving Henriette frightened and wishing she was like Charlotte. As Raishin lies injured on the ground, the butler steps on his head, proclaiming he will bring his head back for his master. Just before he could stomp on Raishin's head however, Cherubim, Loki, Frey, and Rabbi attack him. Raishin seizes the chance and shouts for Yaya, who delivers a powerful kick at their enemy. Unexpectedly, their enemy escapes, and while asking Henriette if she is okay, Raishin collapses. The group sends him to the Academy's hospital.[100]

Waking up hours later, Raishin asks Henriette if she is truly hate dogs, as she reacts to a dog's howling. Noting that Charlotte loves dogs, he asks her reason for being afraid of them. Henriette tells him that Charlotte had assigned her to look after Alfred, a canine Automaton; Raishin realizes this is the dog that attacked the Prince. Crying, Henriette blames herself and apologizes to Raishin for his injuries, but he promises to free them of their perpetrators. He is taken back when Henriette informs him that if Charlotte fails to kill the Headmaster by a deadline, the Belew sisters will be disposed of. Alarmed, he jumps out of bed despite his injuries, and calls for Yaya. However, Henriette begs him to kill her instead, as she claims she is a useless person who always lived in her older sibling's shadow, and thus should die. Raishin refuses to accept this, and asks Henriette what she truly wants: saving Charlotte. With this answer, Raishin pats her and leaves the room.[101]

Finding Yaya sitting dismayed outside the room, Raishin comforts her and apologizes for making her suffer pain, cheering her up. Frey appears, asking him if he is going, and assures him she will take care of Henriette. Raishin decides to borrow one of Frey's dogs, and they run towards where they believe Charlotte to be at. Suddenly they see Shoko, who warns him to go back to bed, or be put to sleep by her, but he refuses to obey. Furious, Shoko yells for Yaya, but the doll trembles in fear and admits she wants to help Raishin. Infuriated by this, Shoko slaps Raishin and leaves. Yaya tells him that while Shoko is a cold woman, she would not have done this if she did not care, to which he replies he understands her slap. Smiling, Raishin feels better as now that he has been scolded, he is free to do as he pleases. With that, they continue with their plans.[102]


  • Mana Affinity: Being a puppeteer, Raishin has mana affinity that enables him to transfer mana to his Automaton, Yaya, when needed during battles or periods of recovery. As observed by Sigmund, Yaya's attacks and movement are not slowing down, even though Raishin is fighting alongside her, thus he concludes that Raishin has a strong mana affinity.[103]
  • Durability: Raishin has demonstrated great durability in battles. Despite already transferring mana to Yaya, he is still able to fight alongside her, without slowing down in speed or attacks, as testament to his prior training in fighting.[103]
  • Melee and Automaton battle style: Raishin has demonstrated his preference in fighting alongside Yaya, even though most of his challengers prefer to leave the fighting to their Automatons. It is said that this fighting style is considered original for an Automaton battle.[104]
  • Observation: Raishin has been shown to be a keen observer, and picks up details faster than most would realize it. For example, just by looking at Sigmund's wing, he realizes the dragon is injured, even before Charlotte notices it.[105]
  • Battle Perception: With his observation skills, Raishin is able to perceive and figure out battle dynamics pretty quickly, such as his enemies' weaknesses and abilities. For example, even though he had never seen Cherubim revolving into its sword form prior to his battle against Loki, he is able to observe quickly that in this form, Cherubim is able to cut through Yaya's strength; such fast observation by him is noted by Loki, who in turn becomes annoyed by him.[106]


Yaya Mugshot
Main article: Yaya

Yaya (夜々 Yaya): Yaya is Raishin's Automaton, and is a banned doll, who takes the form of a young girl with long black hair. She wears a black Japanese kimono. Yaya gets jealous easily in a drop of a hat when Raishin is speaking to, thinking of, or with another woman. However she is extremely loyal to Raishin nevertheless and does not hesitate to obey all of her Master's commands, even if that means going against Shoko Karyusai. She is a powerful fighter that excels with her strength and has a very durable armor.


  • Smoke Bomb: Raishin carries smoke bombs with him, and uses it primarily for escaping. He used one to escape a battle against Charlotte, when the latter was stubbornly insistent to carry on with their actual battle.[107]
  • Stun Grenade: Raishin has utilized a stun grenade against Rabbi before; when the dog became uncontrollable even by Frey, Raishin quickly activated one and was able to knock the dog unconsciously for a few seconds, allowing it to regain normalcy without any harm done.[108]
  • Pick and Tension Wrench: Raishin has utilized a hooked pick and a tension wrench to unlock a door at the Orphanage successfully.[109]
  • Foldable Pocket Knife: Raishin used a foldable pocket knife to cut Yomi's chains, freeing her.[110]
  • Candle and Matchstick: Raishin used a candle and a matchstick when he became trapped under the caved-in school grounds, in the aftermath of Sigmund's attack.[111]


  • The characters in Raishin's name mean Thunder (雷 Rai) and Truth (真 Shin) while his surname represents Red (赤 Aka) and Wing/Feather (羽 Hane).[112] However, in Chinese and Japanese culture, it is normal if a native uses 雷 to refer to lightning, and thunderbolt as well.
  • The Kanji of Raishin's entry name, Second Last (下から二番目(セカンドラスト) Sekando Rasuto) actually means "second from the bottom". It was given to him by Kimberley, for his poor grades.[104]
  • Raishin is weak in every academic subject, while his strongest subjects are Military History, Physical Education, and Battle Practice.[1]
  • His specialties are Sword-fighting and Wrestling.[1]
  • He resides in the Tortoise Dormitory.[1]
  • His current guardian is the Japanese Military.[1]
  • When Raishin exerts or releases his mana, it is blue in color.[113]


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