And So They Arrive at School
Kanji そして二人は学び舎へ
Rōmaji Soshite Futari wa Manabiya e
Airdate (DVD vol. 1)
Episode 1
Ending Maware! Setsugetsuka
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And So They Arrive at School is the 1st OVA of the Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai (Unbreakable Machine-Doll) anime.

Raishin Akabane and Yaya travel to Liverpool, as Raishin has been accepted as a student at Walpurgis Academy. On the way there, Raishin reveals some of his worries, and a childhood memory to Yaya.


At a train station, Raishin calls Shoko Karyusai to thank her for being his benefactor, giving him the opportunity to come to England to study. Shoko also returns her thanks and asks him to take care of Yaya. The doll, however, believes the trip is a honeymoon, and is scolded by Raishin to snap out of her cheeky ideas. Hearing the bell for the Liverpool-bound train, they rush to board it, but Raishin happens to see a girl who reminds him of Nadeshiko, his younger sister. Rushed by Yaya to board the train, he tells himself it cannot be her.

Onboard the train, Yaya is jealous again because she believes Raishin is thinking of other girls. Despite his attempts to assure her otherwise, she remains unconvinced and tries to charm him. When he compliments how she has grown to be a fine lady, she blushes, and then becomes determined to stay by his side until the day he falls in love with her. Getting annoyed with her ideas, he warns her not to be affectionate towards him when they arrive at Walpurgis Academy.

Ignoring Yaya's crazy love comments, Raishin is worried about being qualified into Walpurgis Night, and whether he could stand up to a certain man. When his thoughts are interrupted by Yaya, he recalls a story of Nadeshiko. When he and Nadeshiko were young, they were separated from their parents at a festival, and ended up viewing fireworks by themselves. Intrigued, Yaya asks Raishin to bring her to view fireworks, and he promises to do that when they return safely to Japan.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Raishin Akabane
  2. Yaya
  3. Hotaru
  4. Nadeshiko (flashback)


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