Irori Has an Accident at the Open-Air Bath
Kanji いろり、露天風呂で粗相する
Rōmaji Irori, Roten-buro de Sosō suru.
Airdate (DVD vol.2)
Episode 2
Ending Maware! Setsugetsuka
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Irori Has an Accident at the Open-Air Bath is the 2nd OVA of the Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai (Unbreakable Machine-Doll) anime.

While having a hot spring bath, Shoko Karyusai, Irori, and Komurasaki are mysteriously hurt by something in the water, causing them to yelp in pain. Frightened, and already paranoid about being peeped on, Irori freezes the entire bath.


Naked in a hot spring bath, Irori serves Shoko Karyusai sake, and suggests she may have drank too much. Hugging herself to cover her chest, Irori is worried someone may spy on them, and becomes even more panicky when Shoko sits up and exposes her ample bosom. Just then, Komurasaki emerges from underwater and jumps up pretending to be a Dozaemon, the body of a drowned person; this act makes Irori frantic, and Komurasaki points out she has not calmed down since they arrived at the hot spring. Irori explains they are in the sacred grounds of Machinart, and she is paranoid a magician may be peeping on them, but assures Komurasaki that she will freeze anyone who peeps on her.

Shoko reminds Irori not to freeze the hot spring, and staring at the latter's figure, compliments her on how her bosom has grown slightly larger, before commenting that it would be good if her bust size increases even more. She suddenly stands up and gropes Irori's chest, but is stopped by the girl, who protests that Shoko's sense of fun is taking it too far. Irori is more worried that they are taking a hot bath in a foreign country.

Suddenly, Irori falls back into the water, exclaiming that there is something in the bath. Shoko sees nothing, while just as Komurasaki claims she senses nothing, she falls back into the water too, exclaiming pain. When Irori suggests there could be a magician using an advanced spell to conceal their identity, Shoko becomes irritated at the thought of another magician rivalling her, but she experiences some pain too, causing her to drop back into the water.

Irori suggests they leave the hot spring bath, but Shoko mentions this may be the plan of their supposed perpetrator, to see everything. Without warning, bubbling happens and a huge volume of water bursts up into the air. Now really frightened, Irori screams and freezes the entire hot spring bath, despite Shoko trying to stop her. As she apologizes, Komurasaki is curious to know what was that thing in the water, making them wonder if it was a kappa, or an undine. With the three of them sneezing and feeling cold, Shoko decides it is time to head back, and comments she is sober again. Unbeknownst to them, something glitters in the water.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Irori
  2. Shoko Karyusai
  3. Komurasaki