Charl, Frey, and the Bathroom of Terror
Kanji シャルとフレイ、戦慄のバスルーム
Rōmaji Sharu to Furei, Senritsu no Basurūmu
Airdate (DVD vol. 3)
Episode 3
Ending Maware! Setsugetsuka
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Charl, Frey, and the Bathroom of Terror is the 3rd OVA of the Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai (Unbreakable Machine-Doll) anime.

Frey uses Charlotte Belew's bathroom to bathe her puppy. While the girls bond over their love of dogs and become closer friends, something mysterious attacks Frey. Even though Charlotte manages to repel the mysterious thing, she is still jealous of Frey's larger bosom.


With one of her puppies, Frey appears at Charlotte Belew's dormitory room, asking if she could her bathroom because she was kicked out for clogging the drain when she bathed her dogs. Charlotte then lets Frey into her bathroom. Seeing buckets of mud on the floor, Frey asks Charlotte about it, but the latter is embarrassed to admit it is part of a diet trend that she has been taking. Suddenly, Frey strips her school uniform, much to Charlotte's shock that she covers Sigmund's eyes, as she explains she will get soaked from bathing her puppy anyway. Charmed by the puppy's eyes, Charlotte wants to help out, and strips down before using a towel to cover herself; Sigmund is also blindfolded. However, when she sees Frey's larger bosom, she curses for her own size.

After Frey has rinsed the soap off the puppy, Charlotte helps to dry it with a towel, before exclaiming how cute it is. Frey is surprised that Charlotte loves dogs, and taking the opportunity to be friends, she asks if she could call her "Charl"; Charlotte decides to call Frey as a friend too.

Suddenly, something "attacks" Frey in the bathtub, causing her to yelp. The mysterious thing is attracted to Frey's bosom, and when Charlotte pokes her, she screams in pain, making Charlotte believe it is a magical spirit. Using her Mana, Charlotte attacks the spirit, and although Frey suffers more pain, it finally disappears. Frey thanks her for the help, and realizing Charlotte's jealousy over her bosom, she claims she has gained weight, before telling her current weight. Charlotte is still depressed though, prompting Sigmund to explain that even if both girls weighed the same, muscles weigh heavier than fats, thus Charlotte's muscles are more developed than Frey. Irritated, she grabs the blindfolded Sigmund and flings him across the bathroom, only for him to bounce off Frey's bosom.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Frey
  2. Charlotte Belew
  3. Sigmund


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