Private Lesson: Two Beauties in an Infirmary
Kanji 個人授業 〜医務室で美女ふたりと〜
Rōmaji Kojin Jugyō 〜Imushitsu de Bijo Futari to〜
Airdate (DVD vol. 5)
Episode 5
Ending Maware! Setsugetsuka
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Private Lesson: Two Beauties in an Infirmary is the 5th OVA of the Kikō Shōjo wa Kizutsukanai (Unbreakable Machine-Doll) anime.

Kimberley and Shoko Karyusai consult Crewell over a topic of Magic and Metatrons. However, Shoko becomes angry when she finds out from Kimberley about Crewell's erotic fantasy of them together.


Kimberley and Shoko Karyusai appear at Crewell's clinic, as Shoko requested to do so. Claiming she does not understand how Magic works in Automaton dolls, Shoko requests that they teach her where Magic exactly comes from, and Kimberley agrees to teach her despite her initial disbelief that Shoko does not understand this concept as a master Puppeteer.

Meanwhile, Crewell becomes distracted in his fantasy of explaining this concept to Shoko. She begins by asking if Magic can control objects from a distance. He answers that Magic is like gravity, and while all objects are subjected to gravity, gravity does not need contact to attract objects. He explains that there are electrons and photons that can produce electricity. Shoko states about gravitons being magnetic forces, as they are subatomic particles responsible for gravitation; Crewell agrees this is another way of looking at it.

He goes on say that Magic is composed of elementary particles, and that another possibility is a boson, which is a group comprising of 'fragments' of matter, and says it could be also called "Mana" when Shoko clarifies. Using a Metatron as an example, he says, as a spirit, it appears under the form of a physical phenomenon. It is a photon of the spirit of light, being the combustion of the spirit of fire, and the liquid of water, before finally concluding that the spirit of the Earth is a combination of electrons. Shoko understands this concept that a Metatron is the magical source for such physical phenomena. By this point, Crewell's fantasy intensifies as he imagines making love to Shoko.

He is rudely awakened by Kimberley, ending his fantasy. He is asked by Shoko if a spirit without abilities could still be touched or manipulated without being detected. Kimberley adds on that no one could see the spirit because it is transparent and it moves, thus in theory it would have been classified as non-existent. However, Crewell replies it is not impossible, and comments he heard it was something that could happen during childhood, because the brain can still keep traces of childhood memories. With that answer, Shoko leaves and angrily rejects Crewell when he invites her to dinner.

Puzzled, Crewell wonders if he has said anything wrong, and Kimberley replies Shoko most probably saw the erotic fantasy he was having because she told her about it. Crewell refuses to believe this, only to be stomped on his foot by Kimberley.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Kimberley
  2. Shoko Karyusai
  3. Crewell
  4. Irori (flashback)
  5. Komurasaki (flashback)


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