Hey everyone, so we made some pretty big moves lately. I've posted this on our tumblr, but in case you didn't know, here's the TL;DR version:

Volume 8 of the manga listed Chapter 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41.

And anyways I've uploaded some photos to illustrate this new development on our tumblr. So see here.

What happened was what we know on Manga sites (Mangapanda, Mangafox, Mangareader etc) as "Chapter 38" is actually part of Chapter 37 officially in Volume 8. This is the part where Raishin is suddenly ambushed by Sin. Online version, it's a new chapter, until they get rescued from being underground. In Vol 8 however, there is no new chapter cover/page. It is just a continuous part of Chapter 37.

As a result, this is now the official Chapter 38 where Yaya runs to Raishin after he is rescued.

And more pics on the tumblr post.

What we are going to do next:

  1. Change the references affected by this move. Thankfully or not so thankfully because we still have many character pages to be done ( ^_^)", only a few characters are affected, which Choko and Plover-san have already changed the chapter numbers in the references. I'll need to do my part in checking the page numbers.
  2. Images of chapter covers will need to be renamed, so we will do this carefully ....
  3. There is a protection over the affected chapters, cause last thing I want is some person who doesn't bother to read what's going on, and then conflict editing >_>

We have always followed the manga to the best of our abilities, even if it means renaming and moving links around. Some manga sites just put the extra chapters as like 10.5, or part of 11, etc, but when we bought the official volumes, we changed the listing on the Chapters page to reflect accurately the content pages of the volumes. And if you may have noticed, we renamed Rabi to Rabbi too, and Shouko to Shoko because of the manga volumes.

This is no exception, though it is a big shock honestly. So I hope this post explains to you all what's going on.

Have a good day!

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