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Varupurugisu Ōritsu Kikō Gakuin

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Walpurgis The Royal Academy of Machinart (ヴァルプルギス王立機巧学院,ヴァルプルギスおうりつきこうがくいん Varupurugisu Ōritsu Kikō Gakuin), or simply Walpurgis Academy is the highest education institution in the British Empire that specializes in the Machinart.[2]


Located in the Machinart city of the British Empire, Liverpool, Walpurgis Academy draws excellent students who are keen to be Puppeteers, around the world. Focused on upholding the highest standards to potential puppeteers, the Academy emphasizes greatly on "ability-ism" throughout its syllabus. This is most evident in the Walpurgis Night, where abilities are the sole judging factors. It is said that the syllabus is highly demanding, and as a result, many students drop out. Thus, to be able to graduate from the Academy is considered a significant achievement and in turn, a guarantee in securing employment and advancing careers.[2] Moreover, being the Wiseman will bring about fame, fortune, knowledge and power.[3]


The Academy has five known faculties[2], namely:

  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Law


  • Hospital wing and medical treatment room: Located in the first floor of the Faculty of Medicine[4]

Known ClassesEdit

  • Machine Physics (機巧物理学,きこうぶつりがく Kikou Butsurigaku)[2][5]
  • Machine Arts Medicine[5]
  • Machine Arts Engineering[5]

Known Committees & DepartmentsEdit


  • Tortoise Dormitory[5]
  • Gryphon Female Dormitory[5]
  • Raphael Male Dormitory[5]






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