The Walpurgis Night (ヴァルプルギスの夕べ Varupurugisu no Yūbe) or widely known as Night Party (夜会,やかい Yakai) is an event that happens at Walpurgis Academy in which the top 100 academic students compete for the position of the Wiseman. Each participant has a pair of Gauntlets (手袋持ち(ガントレット) Gantoretto) to symbolize their current Entry (参加資格(エントリー) Entorī).[1]

Acceptance as ParticipantsEdit

The 'Night Party Competition' has been around since the advancement of Machinart, and is held once every 4 years to select the next Wiseman, from the top 100 students of Walpurgis Academy.[2] However the positions of these 100 students can be stolen from them by someone of a lower rank if they are defeated in Automaton battles before the party begins.[1]

Initially, this is hypothesized by Kimberley that should a lower ranking student defeat a Walpurgis Night participant, the executive committee in charge of it will be forced to look into the matter and take appropriate action for the selection process.[3] This theory is proven true when Raishin Akabane defeats Felix Kingsfort, a high ranking student who was the head of the Disciplinary Committee and a member of The Rounds, and subsequently awarded with an entry code to the party.[4]

When a student is awarded a rank of 100 and above, they and their Automaton will appear before the Headmaster in the school halls. The Headmaster congratulates the student for making into the top 100 ranks, before presenting a pair of customised gauntlets to the student. The gauntlets are fingerless gloves with a unique motif pattern, and the student's entry code is embroidered onto the gauntlets with pearl-colored silk threads.[1][4] In Raishin's award ceremony, there is a great amount of fanfare and celebration, as envious schoolmates look on when he steps out of the hall with the gauntlets.[5]


The participants assemble on the school grounds. Once they have lined up, the oath of the Walpurgis Night will be delivered by the chief of the Night, as follows: 

"We who gather at Walpurgis -- In order to protect the essence of Magic, we will bathe ourselves in blood. Become a king or become naught; let each individual vow for true conflict."

After the oath is delivered, the headmaster of Walpurgis Academy declares the Night officially open. All participating students then stretch forth their arms, and clench their gauntlets in their fists, as a display of their entry codes into the Night, before donning them. The student committee then proceeds to announce the entrance of the 100th and 99th ranking students onto the battle stage, while the remaining students stay as spectators.[6]

There are several differences in the anime. Firstly, the participants already have both gauntlets put on. After a quick word by the Headmaster, they remove their left gauntlet, and clench it in their right fist, which still has its respective gauntlet on. Then, they place their right fist across their chest as if to make a pledge. As the clock tower strikes 6.00 p.m., the top ranking student, in this case Magnus, is the one who delivers the oath for the participants:

"Hear me, fellow magicians gathered under the name of Walpurgis. Tonight we shall fight amongst our own kind to keep the flames of Magic alive. We shall rule, or we shall die. Thus, we swear to uphold the ideals of battle."

After this, the Headmaster officially declares the commencement Walpurgis Night. Immediately, the participants put back their left gauntlets again, as other students watch on with bagpipe music and loud cheering. The ceremony takes an hour, and by 7.00 p.m., the 100th and 99th ranking students are called to the battle arena.[7]


Even though the Walpurgis Night is about the interaction of Machinart and Automaton battles, the conditions are not equal for the hundred participants. As explained by Kimberley, the structure of the Walpurgis Night is as follows: in the first night, the 100th and 99th ranked participants will battle each other; on the second night, the 98th ranked participant will join in. Essentially, in each subsequent night, the next ranked participant will join the battle, thus ensuring that there will be a new opponent to fight against, regardless of the current status of the battle. However, if a participant kills their opponent, or if their Gauntlets are stolen, it is automatically regarded as a loss, and the participant will be eliminated from the Walpurgis Night.[8]

As noted by Kimberley, the structure of the competition is intended to prioritized the higher ranking participants over lower ranking participants. Moreover, higher ranking participants have the right not to appear and battle lower ranking participants. However, this does not mean the 99th ranking participant can wait until the last day to battle Raishin, the current 100th ranking participant. This is because the competition does not last for one day only, but continues for many nights. As hypothesized by Kimberley, when two lower ranking participants and a higher ranking participant are in the battle, it often becomes a two-versus-one scenario. As the competition continues, there will be more "survivors", making the state of battle more confusing. It is a highly possible scenario that the lower ranking would team up against the higher ranking. Thus theoretically, the lower ranking participants should always be eliminated, so that a more controlled structure of the competition can be maintained with less participants, thereby allowing one-versus-one battles to take place.[9]

Each night, a participant can appear at the Night Party at any time, so long as they are within the hours it is held, usually from 7.00 p.m. to midnight.[7][10] However, if there are no opponents to battle, the participant is allowed to go home, provided they have stayed in the arena for at least an hour.[11] For example, Frey went home early after waiting in the arena for a while. Raishin said she might have gone to the arena straight away, in order to avoid fighting him and Yaya.[12]


Main article: Wiseman

Every participant competes to be the Wiseman (魔王(ワイズマン) Waizuman), which is a title symbolizing that one has become the Premier Magician Puppeteer of their generation. As Wiseman, they are not bounded by the International Charter on Magic Arts and the code of ethics that all mages have to follow. Effectively, they can do as they please.[1] Moreover, a Wiseman will bring about fame, fortune, knowledge and power.[13]

Currently, Magnus is the closest person to achieving the title, while Charlotte is a main contender propelled by her strong motivations. Raishin aims to be the Wiseman too.[1]


The Rounds (十三人(ラウンズ) Raunzu) is given to the top thirteen ranking students, who are referred to with respect.[1]



  • The Kanji of Gauntlets (手袋持ち(ガントレット) Gantoretto) means "possession gloves".[1]
  • The Kanji of Wiseman (魔王(ワイズマン) Waizuman) means the Devil (Lucifer)/Satan.[1]


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