Wiseman (魔王(ワイズマン) Waizuman) is the title granted to the Puppeteer who wins the Walpurgis Night.


Wiseman is a widely known title and it is the very goal of every student in Walpurgis Academy. Simply having the title offers a lot of privileges; namely wealth, fame, knowledge and power.[1] They also get special treatment as well, having access to read, as well as use forbidden literature and techniques; above all, they would be welcomed as a general in the nation's army.[2] It basically entitles them to do as they please.[3]

Obtaining the titleEdit

The overall requirements of achieving the status of being a Wiseman are currently unknown. However, there are some requirements that were provided by Kimberley. First, one must be in the top 100 of the academy, which effectively grants them an entry to the Night Party and they must survive the ruthless royal rumble and become the last person standing.[4] Having an outstanding technique and high amounts of Magical Powers are contributing factors as well. So far, as stated by Charlotte Belew, the one who is closest in obtaining the title is Magnus.[5] Tyrant Rex herself is also a contender which is supported by her strong motivations.[3] Shoko Karyusai mentioned that Bronson nearly made it to the cut as well.[6]


Despite having a lot of benefits and concessions, Wisemen also have limitations as well. So far, the only known boundary a Wiseman has, as stated by Kimberley, is that even if the Wiseman is out of reach in the Magical Ethics, they are still bounded by the law.[7] Should they desire to perform human experimentation, it requires the approval of the test subject[8] or otherwise, if they perform it forcibly, they would be arrested.[9]





  • The Kanji of Wiseman (魔王(ワイズマン) Waizuman) means the Devil (Lucifer)/Satan.[3]


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